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We are feeding 467 pets each month.  Help us make your contribution dollars go further by calling Purina at 800.778.7462 and request a $1 coupon for Purina Products.  You can even sign up to receive a monthly email reminder to make the call.  It couldn’t be easier, and the impact on savings is enormous.  Go to Operation Feed-A-Pet for more details.


After ten successful years of fulfilling our goals and advocating to ensure beloved pets are “never homeless, never hungry and always loved,” the Board of Trustees has voted to wind down Companion Animal Advocates with a year-end dissolution.

Fur The Love of Companion Animals

Toti Nonna does it again!! She and her human, Sandi, raised over $9,500 this year to buy pet food for pets in need. Sandi, Toti Nonna and Lina (who went over the Rainbow Bridge) have been raising funds for us since 2009 and have raised $76,730.  Now that’s a lot of pet food!!

We are forever grateful to Sandi for her dedication and friendship. The world is a better place  because of her.


Raise funds for Companion Animal Advocates by simply calling or visiting your local TD Bank and tell them that you want to support CAA (Code A1706) through their Affinity Program.  TD Bank will donate to CAA annually based on a percentage of the total monies in the accounts linked to us whether they be new accounts or existing accounts.

That’s all there is to it.  Naturally, we never have any information or access to anyone’s accounts and the support can be substantial!

Donations & Grants

Orange and Rockland has given CAA a $1,000 grant for Operation Feed-A-Pet and we are very grateful for their ongoing support!

Support from Animal Farm Foundation has allowed Companion Animal Advocates to further its mission by awarding a grant of $3,700 to be used to purchase pet food for our Operation Feed A Pet program.  Please visit to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Big thanks to Red Rover for giving CAA a $2,000 grant for Operation Feed-A-Pet

In Memory / Honor Of


In Memory Of:

Nancy Hamilton

One of CAA’s founders and avid supporters who deeply loved all creatures, especially her Merli. She was always ready with a joke and a helping hand.  One in a million – our Nancy.
In loving memory of Nancy Hamilton.  She always kept us laughing.  No doubt she is having a blast with her loves on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  Heaven’s gain is our loss.
~With love, Ellen George & Sara Wingerath-Schlanger
~From Violetta & Rafel Galus
~From Joe and Anne Torre

Miss Gray~from Frank and Evelyn Pezzolla

Charles O’Rourke~from Grace and Joe Galvin

In Honor Of:

Jessie & Peanut~from Edwin and Christine Ordway

Cody & Sammy, beloved dogs of Gary & Roni Katen ~from Darren Magarro

The numbers don’t lie.

We are very proud the accomplishments that Companion Animal Advocates have made in its history. Here are a few of our favorite milestones.

Bowls of pet food delivered
Pet oxygen masks donated
Pets spayed or neutered

“We envision a future where every pet has a family and every family can keep their pet.”

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