The Grassi and May families of Mahwah, along with a few anonymous donors, donated seven sets of pet oxygen masks in memory of one of the founding members and deputy chief of the Mahwah EMS, Greg Antonetti. One of Greg’s last wishes before he passed was to ensure that all of the rigs were equipped with pet oxygen masks.

“The Mahwah community came together to make Greg’s last wish a reality,” said Christine Devereaux, Vice President of Companion Animal Advocates. “Prior to his death, Greg was aware that we had successfully raised the funds in order to purchase these masks. Unfortunately, the presentation to the EMS was made after his passing.”

The masks come in three sizes for large, medium and small pets. These specially sized masks will enable first responders to deliver oxygen to pets in need and in some cases save their lives. These masks work well because they are small, and are designed to fit over snouts. Even birds and hamsters can be placed inside the masks.

If you are interested in donating a set of oxygen masks to your community, please contact Christine at CAA at 201-706-7666. The $100 tax-deductible donation includes: 3 oxygen masks (1 small, 1 medium & 1 large), 3 oxygen air tubes (1 for each mask, 22 mm diameter), 1 O2 Fur Life carry bag (for storage & mobility), 1 laminated instruction sheet (includes ABCs of CPR For Cats & Dogs), 1 kennel lead (for animal restraint & control), 2 “Pet Oxygen Masks On Board” decals (for display on vehicle and in department), 1 PowerPoint presentation (for personnel training), 1 instructional DVD “Pets Need Oxygen Too” (1 per order), 2 animal incident report (AIR) forms for first responders (carbonless 3-part) and a pet rescue notice form (printable document, PDF).

One of the goals of Companion Animal Advocates’ humane education program is to make sure that every town in Bergen County is equipped with a kit so that pets are protected in case of an emergency. So far, CAA has donated more than 160 sets of pet oxygen masks throughout Bergen and Passaic Counties.

Pictured from left to right:
Front row: Harley, Seton and Jack Grassi
Back row: Leon and Laura Grassi, Chuck Jandris, Teri Kavakos with Arrow, June Stahl, Florence Policano and Alex Kuzmik

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